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Elementary School

Welcome to our school!

Please know that our teachers, staff, and administration are focused on providing a quality learning experience for each student. As we focus on building strong academic foundations, one of our goals at Staples-Motley Elementary is to teach students about the importance of community and how each student plays a role in creating a positive environment. Our school will be an incredible place for each student to build relationships, self-awareness, and responsible decision-making skills.

Staples-Motley Elementary School offers a perfect setting for your elementary student with small class sizes, STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics), PE and Music classes for all students. The educators at Staples-Motley Elementary believe that social-emotional health is important to the growth of our students and take a proactive approach to integrating social skills and accountability into daily instruction.

School drop-off begins at 7:45am and pick-up is at 3:00pm.

We can’t do this work alone, which is why partnerships with families and community are essential to the success of a strong school community. I look forward to learning more about you and your student as we work together to provide a positive, fun learning environment for each student.

Allen Berg
Elementary Principal
Elementary Students and Staff in Gym