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The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCAs) and alternate assessments (Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS)) are the state tests that help districts measure student progress toward Minnesota's academic standards and also meet the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Students take one test in each subject. Most students take the MCA, but students who receive special education services and meet eligibility requirements may take one of the alternate assessments instead.

It is very important for students to be at school during planned testing dates, districts are held accountable for ensuring that all students enrolled and eligible are assessed during the testing window. The dates below are the specific dates that buildings have scheduled testing, however the entire testing window is extended to allow for make-up tests in the event of illness or other unavoidable absences.

If you have more questions about MCA testing, please contact your child’s teacher, Principal or the District Assessment Coordinator.

Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
Jennifer Pantzke, Teaching and Learning Coordinator