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Continuous Improvement Plan 1

Download your copy of the Continuous Improvement Plan


In 2019 community feedback revealed a restlessness among our students, parents and residents about our school system. We’re facing some tough questions: Do we still feel the same energy and spirit of years gone by? Is the commitment to our children still unwavering?

We know that we must take bold actions and make new investments to ensure that our students continue to get the support and education that they need.

We began this continuous improvement plan by inviting community members, business owners, parents, district employees and students to help us shape the priorities of the district going forward. As always, the mission is to provide the support for our children to grow and rise to new challenges through an ambitious and modern curriculum, arts, athletics and community spirit.

While this plan was launched right before the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re grateful for the hard work and passion that have already gone into it. So many of our students, parents, staff, community members and the school board have been instrumental in leading this conversation and providing key feedback that will help us determine how best to educate Cardinals for years to come.